Monday, 26 January 2009

I've Been Tagged! (Twice)

Thank you (I think) to Zoe & Rose.

Here are the rules:

1. Navigate to where you keep your pictures; select the 6th folder, and the 6th picture in that folder

2. Post the picture on your blog with an explanation about the picture.

3. Tag 6 others to do the same, and let them know they have been tagged!

This picture is of my gorgeous hubby Mark (he’s the one in the white shirt) & his brother Dale (the 6th folder is our son Stuart’s 18th Birthday folder).

Hmmm… who to pass this on to:




Sally-Ann (check out her fab doodles)


& Caz

Phew ! That took me ages to post lol. Looking forward to seeing your photos girls :o)


Digi Stamp Boutique said...

Thanks Tracey - lovely of you to think of me....and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog too....xx

LOUISE said...

Hi Tracey, thanks for Tagging me, and thanks for always popping by my Blog, and leaving such lovely comments. Louise x

Linanna DESIGNS said...

Hi Tracey, i hope your well hunny. I have just left this on my blog for you sorry. I don't expect you to collect it,seeing this. I love the photo hunny. Hugs Linda x