Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Est Blog é um Encanto

I hope that means something nice lol (I haven't had chance to translate it) I was given the "Est Blog et um Encanto" award by my lovely SFTW teamie Nancy (thanks hun). I am passing this award on to (has to be 12 people):

This was meant to be a quick post as it's my dinner break as I need a cup of tea (& cake) but it took AGES but just had time for the cuppa :) I hope it's stopped raining so I don't get wet biking back to work.


rozzyb said...

Thank you so much Tracey for passing the award on to me.
I think it means this blog is beautiful or charming... :)
hugs rozzy xx (((hug)))

Sam said...

Ah thanks so much for thinking of me hun. I'll pop this on my blog shortly.
Sam x

Anonymous said...

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